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INS Services provides troubleshooting, design, implementation and on-going support for OT and IIoT networks in a variety of industries.

Wired Plant Networks

Reliable production networks are critical to plant uptime, safety as well as timely production data exchange with back-office ERP and MES systems. Optimizing existing infrastructure or properly building new network segments can ensure the control system as a whole performs as desired. The INS Services team offers experienced advice and professional design services to assist you in reaching your productivity, reliability and security goals. INS Services can handle all phases of a Process Control Network infrastructure project, from designing a world-class architecture, to installing and commissioning the system onsite.

Wireless Plant Networks

WIFI and Private Wireless networks can create site-wide connectivity, enabling mobile workers to stay connected to the process, as well as extending control system connectivity to stranded assets and wireless instrumentation. A robust wireless infrastructure also provides the backbone to implement video monitoring, mobile asset connectivity, tracking of personnel and contractors to be accounted for in emergency situations and more. INS Services stands ready to work with you on a secure wireless plant network at your facilities.

Remote Monitoring & Access

Widespread Internet connectivity and modern cellular broadband wireless data coverage have made possible new and flexible methods for offsite workers, equipment OEMs, and service providers to access plants and equipment remotely. Remote access infrastructure allows cost-effective methods to deal with troubleshooting and reconfiguring assets without time-consuming travel to the equipment site. INS Services has years of experience in the field, allowing us to guide you through implementing a reliable, secure remote access and monitoring infrastructure.

Data Management & Visualization

Modern technologies utilize cross-platform architectures and reduce the need for software to be installed on every client station. INS Services has teamed with a number of suppliers of modern HMI/SCADA technology which utilize modern computing architectures and make use of the wide variety of mobile devices and server operating systems, at a fraction of the cost of the legacy providers.

Video Monitoring

Modern IP video cameras enable operators to monitor your process from within control room environments, as well as provide perimeter and site security monitoring. Modern IP video systems make the location of cameras far more flexible and permit a common physical network to transport both process control data and video feeds, reducing costs and complexity. Choose INS Services to design a camera, video transport and storage solution to meet your needs.


A lot of lingo is thrown about today regarding industrial Cybersecurity. It boils down to this: Your network infrastructure can be compromised by both external and internal sources. These breaches of security can be due to malicious intent or by inadvertent introduction of malware due to lapses in internal security controls. All of these threats must be addressed in a comprehensive cybersecurity plan. INS Services has the experience and technology solutions to cut through the rhetoric and help you implement a Cybersecurity system you can trust.

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