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Industry Solutions: Transportation

Wireless IIoT data networks have provided opportunities for train, bus and fleet operators to reduce costs, improve service efficiency and keep better tabs on their mobile assets. INS Services provides cutting-edge technologies to provide vehicle telemetry, enable Point of Sale transactions, and gather video feeds from a large variety of mobile assets.

Vehicle Telemetry

Modern cellular data networks have provided a method for tracking and communicating with vehicles that seemed impossible a few short years ago. Utilizing cellular data networks, fleet managers can monitor the location, status, and condition of their mobile assets. Additionally, any edge device that requires a persistent network connection can also be integrated into the mobile cellular router to provide it connectivity.

Point of Sale Connectivity

Wireless data networks have revolutionized the processes for issuing tickets at a train platform or issuing invoices and accepting payment onboard or nearby a service vehicle. These point of sale (POS) connections speed revenue recognition, reduce the need for redundant paperwork and increase the productivity of mobile workers. INS Services can help design, install and manage a secure wireless POS network that will pay for itself quickly.

Video Monitoring 

The use of video monitoring in vehicles has grown exponentially as a way to increase public safety, deter vandalism and maintain a record of events as they occur inside and outside a vehicle. Installing necessary equipment on vehicles, getting that data transmitted efficiently to a central database, and providing a method for easily accessing the data as needed are all areas in which INS has years of experience. Call INS to help you design, install and maintain a reliable mobile video monitoring system.


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