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Plant floor network nodes counts have risen to the thousands in many modern F&B plants. Reliably running the plant requires a flexible, secure and scalable plant floor network. Data must be gathered, stored and disseminated to plant floor workstations and back office business systems. Providing secure remote access for equipment vendors while keeping the network secure is also a major challenge. INS Services provides troubleshooting, planning, implementing, and on-going support of these modern plant floor networks.

Plant Floor Networks

Reliable wired and wireless control networks are critical to plant uptime, safety and timely production. Optimizing existing infrastructure or properly building new network segments can ensure the control system as a whole performs as required. The INS Services team offers experienced advice and professional design services to provide a scalable, manageable network to serve your needs. INS Services can handle all phases of a Process Control Network infrastructure project, from designing a world-class architecture, to installing and commissioning the system onsite, and providing on-going managed services to keep the system in optimal condition.

Data Management & Visualization

Equipment on the plant floor generate an abundance of raw data. Collecting, processing and presenting that data to stakeholders in a timely and meaningful way is a constant challenge.

INS Services data engineers have considerable experience implementing plant floor database and visualization technologies that enable process dashboards, KPIs and equipment visualization for plant floor and back office personnel. INS Services can also implement controlled bi-directional data pathways for linking corporate ERP, MES and other back office systems to the plant floor.

Secure Remote Access

Equipment OEMs, service providers and offsite workers can provide rapid response to equipment issues when they have remote access to plant infrastructure. The gateways that provide this useful service, however, can also be the cause for malicious or inadvertent introduction of malware or attempts at system disruption. INS Services can provide well architected remote access solutions which provide desired connectivity while ensuring that access is managed within a security policy that eliminates the ability for problems to occur.



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