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Industry Solutions

INS engineers provide a wide variety industrial IT services for numerous industries and applications. Choose an industry below for an overview of how INS can assist with your specific service requirements.

Consumer Products

A flexible and secure Ethernet network is a vital component to consumer products manufacturing. Tightly integrated systems such as SCADA, MES, SPC, WMS and ERP are crucial to flexible manufacturing. It is not uncommon to have thousands of Ethernet devices on the manufacturing floor, and a disciplined industrial IT strategy is of critical importance.

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Oil, Gas & Chemical

Oil, Gas and Chemical companies require a partner that understands the evolution of their industrial networking infrastructure. Most facilities have developed complex architectures involving legacy controllers, different and unique instrumentation networks and multiple SCADA and visualization technologies. INS offers many solutions that protect the integrity and reliability of their existing control system while providing a secure and reliable roadmap to a modern-day industrial Ethernet network.

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Convergence of Ethernet components on the manufacturing floor requires the implementation of a professional IT strategy. Controllers, drives, sensors, vision systems, IP video and many other items are utilizing Ethernet technologies in an effort to achieve seamless integration. INS IT Services provides rugged industrial Ethernet backbones for a flexible, expandable, reliable and secure manufacturing network.

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Water / Wastewater

Today’s extensive need for remote telemetry is surpassing legacy system’s ability to provide data. Many water/wastewater organizations are seeing their instrumentation nodes increase by the hundreds, and remote pumping stations growing at a rapid pace. INS IT Services has experience in working with cellular technology, wireless Ethernet solutions and secured connectivity to provide an updated communications infrastructure for both local and wide area networks.

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